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Aspiring Artist

This course is dedicated to those starting their makeup artistry journey and has little knowledge of applying makeup on others, Kathy is the perfect guide. She understands that starting a new skill can be daunting and has tailored her lesson to cater to beginners. She will take the time to explain the basics of makeup application, tools and products, and the various techniques used in the industry.




Mika V.


Thank you soooo much for yesterday, I literally can't stop thinking about it and I just wanna do people's makeup all dayyy! It was nice talking about our business goals and all the advice you gave me helped a lot and I also feel like I have more clarity now about the makeup side of my business. Before attending the class,  I was so excited but also a little nervous as I guess I wasn’t 100% confident but after completing the class, I feel like I could take clients all day  
Kathy was an amazing trainer, was super easy to learn and understand from her and I love how she left me take full reign with the second model as it showed how much info I remembered and what I needed to improve on. Such an amazing learning experience and I’d be so keen to learn more from you!

Artistry Upskill

 This course is to guide established makeup artists through personalised and hands-on lessons. She believes that this approach allows her clients to not only learn new techniques but also practice and perfect them. Kathy will demonstrate on one side of the client's face while they replicate the techniques on the other side




Tania W.


I recently booked the 1:1 aspiring mua lesson with Kathy and I definitely feel like I got the most out of the 6-7 hours. Kathy is so down to earth and I felt comfortable as soon as I went into her beautiful salon space and we started talking. She has a wealth of knowledge and shared so much with me on the day, I have come away with knowing a lot more than when I walked in!
Highly recommend doing a 1:1 lesson with Kathy if you’re thinking about it, all of my questions were answered and explained in a way that was easy to understand, the best part being able to work on models and have her support with each step of the makeup process and adjust what I was doing is exactly what I needed! Kathy is so encouraging and has given me advice on tools and products as well which is an added bonus and knowing her support doesn’t end with the lesson is the extra mile. Thanks again Kathy, absolutely worth it! xx



Welcome to KTSTUDIO Education, where I'm passionate about guiding both seasoned and aspiring makeup artists on a personalized journey of skill development. Our hands-on courses focus on honing techniques, unleashing creativity, and providing industry insights. With a commitment to fostering a positive learning environment, I'm dedicated to helping you succeed in the dynamic world of makeup artistry.

Daphne S.


I have admired Kathy's work so much for so long that I had to book in an artistry upskill class with her. I loved her work so much I even flew in from Brisbane to see her.

As it was my first time attending an artistry upskill class with another makeup artist, I was pretty nervous, but as soon as I showed up at that front door step, I was instantly comfortable with her and couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Kathy is able to keep the vibe chill, yet is so professional and accomodating with her knowledge and techniques of makeup artistry! She will answer any questions you throw her way and re-explain anything that you don't understand without judgement. *It's a safe space here* She's a young, ambitious, hardworking woman I seriously look up to and can't wait to apply all the knowledge I have learned into my own work.

If you're looking to upskill your artistry, look no further because Kathy created the best possible environment that was so welcoming and supportive. She's an absolute gem and you won't regret it. <3
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